Thursday, July 28, 2011


After our appointment with the RE on Friday, I batted my eyes, and whined about how I wanted a kitten. I'd been doing this since Wednesday. Only this time, I was successful in getting the Brain to steer the car towards the animal shelter. I just wanted to look at the kittens, and really had no intention of adopting any of them. I've fostered plenty of kittens and never kept any of them. But, just to make sure the Brain actually took me to the shelter, I reminded her it was a kill shelter, unlike where I got my persian Vashti which was a no kill shelter. When we got there I asked if there were any special needs cats there. They asked why we were interested in a special needs cat, and we explained that the Brain had been a vet tech for more than 10 years, and was starting vet school. They showed us a little 14 week kitten that had been taken out of a hoarder's house, had been very anemic due to flees, had been malnourished, and many eye infections. Because of the eye infections, the third eyelid had adhered to itself. She was going to be having eye surgery the following Monday and we could have her Tuesday. They called me Monday afternoon and asked that we pick her up that day. She'd had the eye surgery and  been spayed. Poor little thing came home and was so scared. She spent the next couple of days behind the toilet (her hiding place). She finally started playing last night and sleeping in her little kitty bed. Today when my big old box of meds arrived all the dogs barked she scurried back behind the toilet. She's such a cutie-pie, even though her eye is goopy. We've named her Beta, which is kind of a joke about beta HCG. We can hold her up in the air and have a high beta any time we want. And we're turning the drama of the beta into something fun.

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  1. Aww, what a sweetheart! Glad you were able to help her and I love the inside joke with the name.