Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's my birthday, and soon after that it will be my one year blogaversary. I thought I would be feeling sad about this last year passing, but honestly, I feel pretty good. Yes, I'm another year older and am no closer to being a mother than before. But, that's no longer the main focus of my life. I have reached reached a point of over-saturation with IF, and since then have changed my focus. It helps that I have a new job that I love. Yesterday before leaving work, the charge nurse snuck a box of chocolates into my back pack, wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug. When I read the card it made me smile. She included in her birthday wishes ..."welcome to the PACU family."

Today we are going to a desert hot springs day spa. I'm going to spend the warm, sunny California winter day lounging in my bathing suite in a mud bath, getting a massage, sipping on refreshing beverages and simply relaxing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling the Stress Melt Away

Monday I started my new job in the recovery unit. The first big shock came about an hour and a half into the shift. My preceptor sent me on a 15 minute break. I actually questioned her about it. She then informed me that during my eight hour shift I receive two 15 minute breaks and a half hour break. WOW!! I used to be lucky to get a lunch break within the first 8 hours of my shift if I get it at all. My stomach is already getting used to eating breakfast in the morning when I wake up, a snack, lunch and another snack in the afternoon, followed by dinner in the evening. Ahhh...the simple things in life people take for granted. I haven't been nauseated or sick to my stomach since beginning this job. Perhaps sleeping at night and happiness are good for your health. Who'd have thunk it?? I can feel the years of stress melting off. Lets hope my uterus heals from all the stress too.