Friday, July 8, 2011


I've been coloring mandalas in an attempt to remain calm and find my center. I'm not sure if it's working, but I'm enjoying it in the meantime. I was even relaxed enough to take a couple of naps today. I'm also trying to avoid being on symptom watch or comparing the way I feel this time to last time. Tying is the important word here. I had some mild pain and cramping the day of the transfer and the next day. Now, I don't really feel anything different from what I felt before the transfer. I take this as a good sign. I've changed to crinone, which is ridiculously expensive. There has to be a pharmacy where I can get it cheaper. It's worth it though, because my bottom is starting to return to it's normal color. The lumps will go away eventually, but even those are getting better.

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