Saturday, January 28, 2012


We spoke briefly with my SIL about her questions, concerns and as much of the process as we know about for carrying our child. We told her about compensation that we would insist on and more importantly the psychological evaluation. I wish that we had some sort of website to give her where she could find out more information, but we didn't. She said something concerning, that makes met think that she wouldn't pass a psychological evaluation to do this for us. She said she's concerned about how she would feel if the baby was a girl, because she always wanted a girl. She's worried she wouldn't want to give the baby up. I'm really glad she voiced those concerns. I'm thinking this might be too much for her, and that even though she can't afford her two kids, she wants more kids (a daughter). I'm not feeling disappointed by this at all. I'm just relieved that she spoke with us. I'm not sure where this will go from here, possibly nowhere, and that's ok.

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