Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dinner Tonight With My SIL

My SIL is in town, and by happenstance the Brain found out. The Brain called her sister and told her that she'd been meaning to send her an e-mail because we wouldn't be mad if she said no to carrying a baby for us. My SIL said she wanted to talk to us about this, and asked if we would have dinner with her and our two nephews. So, this evening we're getting together. I have a few scenarios playing in my head in preparation for this evening's discussion. 1. She tells us she's pregnant. 2. She says no. 3. She asks questions and then says no. 4. She asks questions and then wants more time to think about it before a. saying no, b. saying yes, and c. not saying anything at all. 5. She says yes. 6. She asks questions and says yes. 7. I reserve the right to put a seventh in here that merely states ...something I haven't thought of. Ok, less worry and more enjoying the day.

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