Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Have An Answer!

IF is full of questions and very few answers, and it seems with each answer comes more questions. Today, I'm celebrating having an answer and will try and hold off on worrying about all my new questions for later. Without getting into detail of the very uninformative calls from the FET coordinator that led me to e-mail my RE to ask if any of my tests were abnormal, I'll jump to the highlight. That is, the one line response from my RE. "Your MTHFR came back as a double mutation" Of course, I get this e-mail at work and I want to celebrate and cry all at the same time. I understand what MTHFR is, but don't know anything about a double mutation. I'm just happy something is wrong that can be treated. That finally there is a reason why we've been struggling. I'll ask about treatment with blood thinners later. Today, we celebrate the small victory!

Info makes for a happy Pinky!


  1. I'm so glad you finally have an answer! I hope they come up with a great plan for you=)

  2. Oh I'm glad you have an answer!!!!!