Friday, May 27, 2011


I had three doctor's appointments yesterday, and am proud to say none of them were with my RE. I like to schedule them all in one day so that I can just get them out of the way. It's so sad that at 31, I cluster my appointments like a little old lady would so that she could still make it to mahjong with the other purple haired grannies on Friday.

My first appointment was with my primary. I've been getting auras ever since my first IVF cycle. The last time I actually had the headache after, but usually it's just the aura. He put me on a medication that should help, but isn't safe for pregnancy. That's fine, because when I'm on all the hormones, I don't get the aura.

Then, I moved on to my appointment with my OB.  It hit me hard how different an OB and a RE are. I handed him my lab results because when I get pregnant, I wanted him to be my OB. Now, I'm rethinking it. I had to explain what MTHFR is, what the treatments are and what the future implications are. He even asked me about the cost of IVF and FET. I really like this OB, he is very supportive, kind, patient, and he complimented me on my strength and dedication trying to get pregnant. But, is this OB going to be qualified to make sure that I get the right meds and treatment during a pregnancy? It's something I'll defiantly ask when the time comes.

Lastly, I had my eyes checked and purchased sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, contacts and new lenses for the frames I already have and love. I got a pair of designer sunglasses, because damn it, I deserve it. But, parting with the money was a little difficult. In fact, I put back the pair of Tiffany's sunglasses because I couldn't justify spending the money on them. Funny how I'm willing to drop thousands of dollars on IF, but several hundred on my eyes seems like too much.

Now, to enjoy the time without doctor's appointments,

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  1. No worries, I cluster my apts. as well, makes it so much easier! Have you considered seeing a Maternal Fetal Specialist when you do conceive that specializes in high risk pregnancies? Your OB sounds great, but maybe not prepared for all the things that could arise? Just a thought, I'm sure whatever you decide will be great=)

    I've been getting awful migraines from all the TTC meds as well, but like your Dr. said-none of them are really safe to take all the time. Which stinks, but I've been told it gets better once I get pregnant. Fingers crossed! Glad you splurged a little on yourself as well, you are worth it=)