Monday, May 30, 2011

Oops, False Alarm

I was offered a job interview for the new position in my hospital. Since I wear scrubs most of the time, I only own two professional outfits, and I wanted to look sharp. So, off to the mall I went for a day of taking care of errands I'd been avoiding since I dislike the mall so much. I had tried on bunches of white skirts and pants because everyone wears black, and I like to stand out. For my grad school interview, I wore celadon. I found nothing, and decided to head over to Nordstroms, where customer service still means something. I felt a gush, and then another. Slowly I sauntered over to the restroom. I looked down, and audibly let out a "shit!" I was bleeding through my tiny thong and jeans. I rushed home to clean up and thank God for not letting that happen 20 minutes earlier while I was trying on the white suites. What would I have done? Ball up the pants in a corner and run? Ball them up and take the tags to the counter and try and pay for the mess asap? Oh well, why worry about something you don't have to deal with? What I did need to worry about was if the Brain and I were ready to move on with a cycle. We deiced time is not our friend. Time won't make us worry any less about getting a BFN, or a BFP that turns out to be a chemical, or a BFP that ends in a m/c or D&C. We're just going to worry, so we might as well worry now. We called the RE and left a message. The next day when the coordinator called us back, I let her know that I had stopped bleeding. She gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her if I started up again. I went on with my weekend, planting vines and roses in the front of my condo. And then suddenly, gush...there it was again. I called the coordinator back and through the noise of a carnival set up a baseline ultrasound. By the time I got to the office the next day, the bleeding had stopped...again. I informed the RE and he reassured me we'd know what was happening in a minute. So, there we were, me on the table with my feet in stirrups again, thinking about how my nail polished is chipped on my toe, and that I should either wear socks next time or get a pedicure. He announces that this is not my period, I have no cysts, and it is an anovulatory cycle. My lining, which should be thin by now, is very thick and it is just break through bleeding. He hands me a prescription for provera and esterase and shakes my hand, "see you in a couple of weeks." I suppose this works out well. I won't be juggling injections, hormones and appointments the day of my interview. And I won't be bleeding through my white pants.

Stuck behind the starting gates....Pinky

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  1. Ugh, AF is so awful! I hope the rx does the trick and you can get back to trying when you are ready. Good luck with the interview!