Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Taps

The aching of my hips usually wakes me up between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. I usually try and reposition myself to find a comfortable position so that I can continue laying down. I don't like to get up, not even to pee if I can help it because little mister wakes up and starts moving around. It's those little love taps that I enjoy the most because they are the first ones of the day. When they slow I get up for breakfast and then put my feet up on the couch. He starts kicking again and I can just sit back and enjoy it. This little morning routine that is my favorite part of the day. Later I know that I'll be at work and my back will ache, I'll be busy and it will be difficult to feel him kick, His favorite place to kick while I'm at work is in my cervix, and besides being uncomfortable, it puts a lot of pressure in a place that I'd rather not be feeling pressure. I worry about incompetent cervix, so I'd like him to lay off it as he gets bigger. I asked him to kick me higher during our nightly conversation, and the next day (yesterday) he listened and kicked me high up in my abdomen. I still use my doppler when he's having quiet days, and it's reassuring and cute. He often pushes the doppler away or turns away from it. Back to my morning routine!


  1. Too cute, even if it is uncomfortable=) Sounds like he listened to your nightly conversation though and he definetly seems to have a personality all his own already! Keeping you both in my thoughts=)

    1. Thanks! Yes, he's quite opinionated. If I hunch over he punches/kicks straight up at my ribs, and sometimes if I put on my shorts he'll start kicking my lower abdomen until I take them off. His newest thing is a mystery but it feels like he's scraping a long fingernail inside my uterus or on top of my cervix. I guess it's time to have another conversation, and maybe lay off the sweets.