Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HR Advised Me To "Fuck This Place"

At my first appointment with my OB, I was given a light duty note. I turned it into my assistant manager the same day, thinking it would be no big deal. It simply said (specifically) no heavy lifting or pushing patients. My assistant manager chose to hide my note from the manager by placing it into my employee file. She asked me to not push beds and gurnies, but to steer them instead and ask for help from my coworkers. Her intention was to protect me from being taken out of work. At first this was fine, because I could get the guys to transport for me. As time went on, some of the female coworkers asked me why I wasn't transporting. When I said I wasn't supposed to be, and that I had a doctor's note, I was told that they don't do light duty on the unit. This one coworker became a little difficult, telling people there was no reason I couldn't help transport, refusing to help me out, and making me transport patients with her,

That said, I should have stuck up for myself better. I should have put my foot down. I should have insisted that she tell the manager before her two week vacation from the unit (when I couldn't say anything to the manager without throwing my assistant manager under the bus).

Friday my OB's office called with the results of the last ultrasound. I still have the hematoma. They told me specifically...pelvic rest, no exercise, no heavy lifting, no pushing, no pulling. That is part of what I do. I have to pull and turn patients in bed. I have to transport them to their rooms. I have to push them in wheelchairs to their cars. This doesn't sound like much...but picture your typical American. Now picture your typical poor American/person living here illegally. Are they 100 pounds? Maybe if they are a child, but just yesterday I took care of an 88.8 pound 6 year old. So, they are usually heavier because poor diet and no exercise is common in the population I work with. So, now that leaves a 200 pound or heavier person laying in a bed. And remember this bed is heavy because it's full of electronics that help to inflate a mattress, weigh a patient while laying down, prop the head and feet up and lift the bed high. Now, while you're pregnant and spotting, push it, or steer it (which involves a lot of pushing and pulling)

So, I found my voice Monday and told my assistant manager that I had been doing things I wasn't supposed to, and that I needed to watch out of this baby. I told her I was going to follow all the restrictions for the next four weeks. She told me I'd have to go out on short term disability. I went to HR to get the paperwork. While my HR representative was going over the paperwork with me, she asked me some questions. She asked me if I was going home. I told her the assistant manager asked me to stick out the rest of today and if I wanted to come in Tuesday. She said, "Fuck this place. Don't come in tomorrow." So, I'll be calling off today, making phone calls and filling out a lot of paperwork.


  1. An HR rep who cares! That's a rare and wonderful thing. Good for you for speaking up and I hope you rest at home totally guilt free.

  2. Yeah! It's refreshing to hear that you have a supportive HR!