Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinky And The Brain Go Shopping

Now that I'm off work and have nothing but time, we have been checking out the local, and not so local baby stores. We started at a USA Baby that is going out of business. We realized the only thing there that wasn't more expensive than other places even on sale, was a breast pump. We did a little quick research online (thank you iphone) and made a call to my sister in law who has breast fed my two nephews and has a lot of opinions on baby items. This was our first purchase for baby...yes, a breast pump.

The next time we went out we went to another USA Baby that isn't going out of business. We saw a much better selection and received what we thought was great service at the time. We ended up buying the most comfy nursing chair known to woman. It's a recliner/rocker and the back tips back really far so you could sleep there if you wanted. The pull to bring the legs up is between the seat cushion and the arm rest so it's easy to access with a baby in your arms. And, the sage green fabric is soft like a stuffed animal with raised dots in the same color. We walked out with two cribs in mind. When we got home I looked the cribs up online and found out that the woman didn't know what she was talking about as far as the wood the cribs were made of. The one she said was pine was poplar, and the one she said was rubberwood was radiata pine. After this store we picked up my mother in law and headed to Babies R Us. I have never liked this store, and I don't really like it now either. We tested out strollers and pack and plays before looking at cribs. We didn't like any cribs or the crib sets they have. I think this place will be good for a lot of the generic baby items people need.

Today we headed for Pottery Barn Kids. I always thought only snobby people shopped there. But seriously, I LOVE this place now. We are definitely going to register there. Downside is it's about 30-45 minutes from my house depending on traffic. But, it has an online shop, so we're golden. We found a crib and dresser/changing table we just adore. We then checked out two more stores that were in walking distance. We were very restrained and bought nothing.

One thing I've noticed is my little baby bump is always the smallest of the baby bumps there. I'm obviously shopping earlier than other people. But, we have very good reason. The Brain goes back to school August 9th. Once school starts she will be very busy and stressed. The further she gets in to each block, the less we see each other. She won't have time to put together a crib or chair. We're trying to take advantage of time. But, it still makes me wonder if we're just doing this too soon. Should we be waiting? Am I being too presumptuous by purchasing things now that we're going to have a healthy baby? Should we have waited to start buying until 24 weeks? I'm 15w4d pregnant, and for the first time in this whole process I feel really happy and good about what's happening. I feel like this baby will be fine. I feel what I'd what I imagine is close to what other people might be feeling right now...and that scares me just a little.

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