Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Facebook Announcement

I've been struggling with how to make the BIG announcement on FB. I remember seeing the announcements and hurting inside, resenting the fact that other people were pregnant. Sometimes it was a picture of the ultrasound, sometimes a picture of a pregnancy test or a picture of a baby bump. I don't think I've ever seen just a heartfelt note. After the announcement comes the "pregnancy" post obsession. The ones that start, "this pregnant woman..." I know I have FB friends who are still struggling and I want to be respectful of their feelings. So today, after our ultrasound, and feeling a little safer because it's week 13, I sat down and composed the following post.

"Over the last three years, Kami and I have struggled through some very difficult times. We've received a lot of support from friends and family. Some friendships grew stronger while others disappeared. Even at the lowest of moments, we still held out hope. We've met so many people struggling just like us along the way. So, it's from a very humble place that I want to make the official announcement that God willing, Kami and I will be welcoming our little baby into the world December 26, 2012."


  1. I struggle with the same thing. I'm due December 21st (yeah due date buddies!!) after 20 months TTC and I refrain from posting anything about my pregnancy. I just find it disrespectful to those that I know are still struggling. I feel guilty at times, but glad its finally our turn! So its a balance between sheer excitment and being respectful and understanding the world doesn't revolve around me being pregnant even though my world revolves around me being pregnant.

  2. But your announcement was VERY appropriate and sweet. Congrats!