Sunday, April 17, 2011

To My IF Sisters

I want to acknowledge something that touched my heart, and made me feel a lot less alone. While reading through all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers left as comments, I noticed people saying they were from LFCA. After a quick search, I discovered the Lost and Found Connections Abound. I skimmed it and then continued on with my self-pity. Then, this morning, I returned to the site and thoroughly read through the pages to see what the site is about. There, under Pregnancy Announcements and News, was a blurb about me, and my little baby measuring behind. Someone read my blog, announced it on the board, and women who don't know me, but know my struggle, gave me exactly what I needed: support. Thank you so much for this kindness.

I also need to thank the women of inspire, who kept positive during the week we waited to know if our baby was growing, and who reached out to me when we found out it no longer was. I keep visiting the site and reading the posts to help gather strength when I start to fall apart. 

The physical and emotional pain we endure on our journeys to motherhood would be much more difficult without each other. Be proud of yourselves for your unselfish benevolence. I see the dark side of humanity far too frequently in my professional life, and it is a breath of fresh air to encounter such compassion among strangers. 

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  1. Someone linked my blog to them when I needed it and it meant so much to me as well. This community has been such a blessing to me during this horrible terrible time. We are all here for you girl!