Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Mister's Nature Themed Nursery

Since I'm on bed rest, and the Brain has been so busy keeping the house maintained, and going to school, I was worrying a lot about the nursery. I wanted nothing more than to go into the nursery and organize the boxes and bags of nursery items piled up. It's been very difficult ignoring the urge to nest. So, Friday we went into the nursery and I reclined in the nursery chair while the Brain put the bedding onto the crib, and put some things away into drawers. The next morning two of my best friends came over and again I was in my chair. The Brain and my friends organized the nursery, put up the decals and picture I'd purchased. The Brain hung a hook into the ceiling and then hung the bird mobile I'd made. It took about an hour to put together a way of hanging the birdhouse I painted from a branch on the wall. They helped to find a sheer curtain and rod and hung them. We put our baby pictures on the top shelf with some of our childhood stuffed animals. I'm so excited about the nursery, and feel so much more prepared for little mister to come. Which is really good, because I'm due in 30 days!

Here are several photos of the nursery. You can't see all the animals we have up, but it gives a pretty good sense of what we've put together.

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