Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Falling at 33w 6d

Today I'm 34 weeks and ecstatic! We've made it to the goal we were given by the NICU doctor. He and the antipartum nurse told us about this magic number. At 34 weeks there are less complications with the lungs and brains. There is less chance of brain bleeds occurring after 34 weeks. I'd been feeling especially optimistic since our OB appointment on Monday. My doctor checked my cervix, and it was CLOSED!! How it went from 2 cm to closed is beyond me, but I'll take it! I was feeling even more relaxed because he was submitting a request to have me go into the perinatal center for biweekly NST with AFI.

Then came yesterday. I ventured outside to quickly take the dogs out, something I have only done a couple of times. Some guy the condo association apparently hired to do some work on the wood below the roof came around the corner. Of course he starts freaking out because an 80 pound dog and a 9 pound dog came running up on him barking. Why should he know they bark a lot, but are the biggest lovers ever. So I take off after them without thinking. That didn't work very well. I just couldn't keep my balance and I kept trying to regain it. Finally I went down slowly onto my hands and wrists and then rolled like a log. I was able to keep my arms out around my belly to protect it, and rolled on my arms instead. The man looked at me and asked if I was ok once he saw me sit up and my big belly stick out. He then told me my dogs were nice and asked me the big one's name. I told him and then asked if I could help him with anything. He told me what he was there to do. He stayed in the same place the whole time, and never even came over to help me up to my feet. Seriously? You see a pregnant woman fall and you don't even try and help her? I struggled to my feet, grabbed the little dog and went inside.

The OB had me come in 2 hours after the fall, and the nurse practitioner ordered a formal STAT ultrasound. This STAT ultrasound happened 7 hours after I fell. I felt the baby moving often, didn't have any bleeding, leaking, or cramping. His heart rate was normal. So I was able to remain calm the whole day. I had joked with the Brain while I was admitted to the hospital last month that if the baby came at 34 weeks that he would be her birthday present. But yesterday, I was thinking since it really was her birthday that I better not have hurt him, because I really didn't want him to be her birthday present. In any case, little mister is doing just fine, and his little home is undamaged. He's bouncing around this morning like normal. I'm in bed with NO plans of letting the dogs out again until after the baby is born.

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