Monday, August 8, 2011

I Love Her!

The Brain and I both came into this relationship with three furbabies each. Me with two dogs and a cat, and her with two cats and a dog. A little over one year into our marriage we had to put one of the cats down. She was the Brain's baby, the most perfect little cat in her eyes. It was then we decided we'd wait until after we had a baby before getting any new animals. I swore off cats because my brother is allergic. But I digress. As much as I love her babies, they are loyal to her, and I don't have the same warm fuzzies with them as I do my own. My dogs are a little more neutral with their loyalties. Beta is our first furbaby together. The first one to melt both our hearts when she does something cute. We keep turning to each other and saying, "I love her!"

Beta is a great distractions too. Sunday morning in the middle of the night, while nursing a headache, nausea and cramps, the bleeding began. Wonderful . . . withdraw bleeding from the birth control pills! Since my first day of stims, I've had insomnia. When I finally do fall asleep I'm plagued with vivid disturbing dreams. After returning home from lunch in L.A. she played and purred and took a nap on me while I was asleep. She's the best Beta we've ever had!

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