Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last night I dreamt that I was riding a tandem bicycle with someone familiar (but whose identity I don’t remember) through a city. We reached a bridge and had to stop to walk the bike across. I looked out across the large body of water, as if looking towards San Francisco from the Bay Bridge. As I took a step forward the person I was with called my name. I looked back and they told me to look down. It was then that I realized I had crossed a coned off area of the bridge, and now was standing in mid air much like Wyle Coyote. I felt a brief moment of panic but didn’t struggle or reach for the bridge or my friend. I began to fall a great distance. During the fall I kept taking in large breaths and holding them in, preparing for the moment of impact into the water. I did this about three times before realizing that it wouldn’t make a difference, because I would naturally hold my breath when I hit the water. My body cut through the water easily and painlessly. I opened my eyes and looked around. I noticed I was holding a plastic bag. I tried to swim towards the surface but was sinking instead. Rather than struggle, I closed my eyes and kicked my legs with little effort like in scuba. I reached the surface, took a breath and surveyed the distance to the shore. The water was choppy, the distance long. Instead I swam to a pole and climbed up to wait for a rescue boat. While waiting, a floating Chinese restaurant passed by and refused to rescue me. I looked around and realized that there were buoys separating an area of shallow water leading up to a resort. The pole I was holding onto became a rope. I used it to swing over to the shallow water, and walked into shore.

I believe dreams are our subconscious trying to make sense out of the events and emotions of our waking life. My interpretation is that I’m about to enter a potentially scary situation where I have very little control. I can try and prepare, but ultimately whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Rather than be afraid, I am calm and logical about the situation. I think this accurately describes how I’m feeling and processing this coming FET.


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