Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fighting Anxiety

I spent yesterday mostly in bed or on the couch laying down. I plan on pretty much doing the same thing today. I've been feeling anxious...again. I've been having sharp shooting pains in my cervix and surrounding areas. They only last a moment and then are gone, but they make me incredibly nervous. The baby is kicking me all the time, really low, so I'm assuming that he's laying really low. Maybe that's why I'm hurting below. But, then I've been having Braxton Hicks that take my breath away. Not frequent, but several during the day. I even had one when I bent down and picked up my 8 pound dog. Then I had a "my belly looks smaller moment" last night...yet again. So, like always I measured my belly. And unlike's smaller. Yes! It was 35 inches, and now it's 34.5 inches. Great, now I just have more reasons to believe that something is going wrong and that my cervix is not holding my little baby boy in. Dr Google says that your belly becomes smaller when your baby drops into position. Well, that shouldn't be happening for at least another 15 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and if I don't crack and call on Monday, I'm going to have a long list of questions/anxieties to discuss with the PA. I haven't seen her before, so I hope she'll be nice enough to listen and talk to me about my concerns. Why can't I accept that my body is doing something normal. I have to be convinced that something is going wrong, or will go wrong.


  1. I completely understandy your anxieties! I have them too this pregnancy. I have been having BH as well and those shooting pains. The shooting pains I'm being told is that it is your uterus growing. I get my cervix checked every 3 weeks and my dr said that when your cervic changes its something completely internal and you can't feel it changing.

    And at this point there are a lot of variables to the size of your belly. You could've had less to eat, had a bowel movement, or even the fluid level is a little bit lower. They typically measure from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus to get an more accurate reading. As long as you feel baby moving things are still developing. :) I hope that helps. I'm high risk so I have wondered and researched and talked to my dr about all these things. ;)

    1. Thank you. Hearing this does help some.