Saturday, March 24, 2012

Insane in the Brain

I love stimms. Seriously, it's like opening a door to some parallel universe where every stupid thing makes you sentiMENTAL and misty eyed, and you've lost the reins to your emotions. Friday on the way to work I was listening to 90s on 9 (xm radio) and Cypress Hill came on. I turned it up and sang along with Insane in the Brain. The world sent a little irony through the satellite just for me. Yep, there I was on the freeway getting all choked up thinking about groups of teenagers at high school dances jumping up and down with their arms in their air, wearing formal dresses, dancing to this song. It took me back to a happy little place. But, high school was not really a happy little place for me. I didn't go to many dances, I didn't date anyone from my school, I roamed from group to group never really fitting in anywhere and counting the days until I could escape to college, make something of myself and show everyone who had made my life difficult. Yet there I was, teary eyed because of a song about going out drinking, growing pot and dealing with the police! That's right folks...I've gone INSANE in the BRAIN.

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