Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sister In Law

A few weeks ago, The Brain sent her sister an e-mail asking if she would consider carrying a child for us. I was hoping for at least some sort of acknowledgment that would let us know that she had at least read the e-mail, but we never received one. She finally asked her mom her sister had mentioned receiving the e-mail. Then, yesterday she wrote us to tell us that she had not been ignoring the letter, but that she is taking time to think about it. That is more than I expected her to actually do. I figured she would just say no. I still think that ultimately that is the decision she'll make, but at least I know that she's taking time to really consider what we have asked. I only hope she gives us the opportunity to answer some questions and discuss it with her before making a final decision. Among other things, I want her to know that she'll receive financial support, and we'll pay for any counseling that she'll need. For now, I'm just going to be happy with knowing she's not making any quick decisions.


  1. That's great that she is taking the time to think this through. I think that is a good sign - a no I think would be more swiftly decided.

  2. I'm so glad you took the chance to ask her, and am so happy she realizes the enormity of the favor you have asked and isn't weighing it lightly. I hope she comes to you soon with any questions or concerns and you are all able to more forward. I really hope this works out for you!